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"... wonderfully vital and buoyant performances of Handel's oddly undervalued Sonatas for Violin and Continuo offer some of the most refreshing, life-enhancing baroque violin playing heard in years. . . . Superb continuo players David Schrader and John Mark Rozendaal contribute to the real sense of ensemble teamwork."

"Violinist Rachel Barton triumphs in her first release for the Cedille label. . . . While the incisive articulation and lively bravura of her fast movements are exhilarating, lyrical sections are neatly contrasted, with Barton's singing violin line poised and elegant."

"Barton and her colleagues play these sonatas in a manner that reflects a serious study of baroque instrument style. She uses a baroque bow with her modernized 17th-Century violin, making a wonderfully warm yet still focused sound, and her passage work is brilliant yet lyrical - much like the cascades of a coloratura - and her ornamentation is both thoughtful and virtuosic. This is a wonderful recording."

"The exhilarating bravura of her incisive articulation and sharply pointed rhythms is matched by Barton's singing line in her poised and elegant lyrical movements."

"A spritely partnership between violin and 'cello, with deft rhythmic accompaniment on harpsichord. 23-year-old Chicago violinist Rachel Barton runs through the allegros agilely and gives careful attention to the slower movements. The music's virtuoso character is rendered with superb resonant double and triple stopping and deemphasized dance motion in the allegros. Barton lets the music's raw, improvised feeling hang out a little, giving the recording a refreshing zest."

"But the most unusual aspect of Barton's Handel is the convincing and imaginative way she embellishes the repeats in the music - adding runs, ornaments, and flourishes that give a different aspect to a phrase we've just recently heard. . . . they help to enliven a cherishable disc."